• 1979-1985               Study of Law at Goethe University Frankfurt Main, first Sate Exam
  • 1985-1988               Legal trainee at Higher Regional Court Frankfurt Main, 2nd State Exam

Work experience

  • 1989- 2001              Admission at German Bar Association Frankfurt Main, Founding of the Law Firm  THE LAW COMPANY, Handling                                 of Civil Law cases, Family Law, real estate, commercial, money laundry, int. money transfer licenses, aviation                                     Labour cases
  • 2001                        Legal specialization Family and Inheritance Law
  • 2002-2004               Legal practice of commercial Law in Law Firm PECABAR in Manila, Philippines
  • 2004                        Founding partner of Law Firm DELTALAW Frankfurt 
  • 2004-2010               Practice in Civil Law esp. legal aspects of international Commercial Disputes, Family and Inheritance cases  
  • 2010 -2013              Legal consulting at the German Chamber of Commerce, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Since 2013               Practice in Frankfurt as Partner of DELTALAW mainly international and German Civil Private conflicts and                                             Litigations against individuals as well as Companies and Institutions


  • Since 1989               German Bar Association, Frankfurt 
  • Since 1990               German Lawyers Association, Frankfurt Lawyers Association
  • Since 2001               Society of Family Lawyers –German Lawyers Ass.
  • Since 2001               Society of Inheritance Lawyers – German Lawyers Ass.
  • Since 2014               Network of Finance and inheritance planers Germany